Sticker set info

Motocross Sticker Sets
Playbike® MX-label series is made considerably thicker alkuperäistarroja planned motocross use vinyl labels. The stickers are keeping the glue that holds the labels properly closed motocross bike slippery plastics, new and old. Labels remain attached to your bike and do not end up in gravel or fly into the sky with a pressure washer during operation.
Labels must be cut to measure precisely the format required for each wheel brand and the model of plastic, so the stickers do not have to dissect yourself before installation. Sticker Series comes with the installation instructions, you make sure the right kind of setup labels, and possible long life.
Moped Sticker Sets
Moped Sticker Sets are made of the same material as motocross tarrasarjatkin. Our moped sticker kits are banging resistance, adhesion and kiillollaan any other on the market for mopeds labels.
Snowmobile Sticker Sets

Snowmobile Sticker Sets are made of durable snowmobile use of a suitable vinyl, which is very hard wearing. -Provide Really tight adhesive that stays attached to the snowmobile slippery plastics also in cold conditions. Labels remain attached to the snowmobile (including Lynx hood) and do not fly in the snow.

Labels must be trimmed to the format specified for each tray model, so the stickers do not have to dissect yourself before installation. You will receive a sticker kit installation instructions to be followed to ensure correct installation of stickers and the maximum life span.
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