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Mikko Niskanen is a Motocross rider who startes his own design business in 2010. Since then it’s been busy times for Niskanen as they worked hard to create a decal / sticker Design that brings something fresh to the sport. We sat down and asked him about his business and how they got into the sport of Motocross.
Q: When did your company begin?

A: I started Playbike Ltd. in October 2010. Q: What made ​​you decide to start a graphics business?


I had a chat about riding, racing and making a business with an industrial designer who has a background in motocross. I was selling some parts for his pitbike and Eventually we started to talk and question why is not anyone doing things differently in the motocross graphics market. The market was and still is filled with graphic kits Which look pretty much Identical no matter who designs and makes them .: Just a few colors filled with a bunch of industry logos.
A: It seemed pretty weird Especially Because most riders … READ INTERVIEW END HERE …

News Playbike on 20.01.2012

Playbike® Ltd. is a newly Established motocross graphics company with some truly fresh and unique looking graphic kits.
Playbike’s MX graphics line-up has taken influences from other extreme sports such as skateboarding and snowboarding Which have a lot more visual appearance than motorsports in general, says the founder of Playbike® Ltd., Mr. Mikko Niskanen.
“We took some great ideas and elements from other sports and urban environment, then tweaked and transformed them to fit dirt bikes keeping in mind the tough nature of motocross racing.”
Each motocross bike looks very different Compared to other makes and models when they roll off the factory assembly line.This is why Playbike® graphic kit designs are … READ STORY AT THE END RACERXONLINE.COM …

News Playbike ISDE 2011 limited edition -tarrasarjoista on 27.06.2011

The six-day enduro World Championship team race will be from 8 to 13.8.2011 Kotka-Hamina region. Oulu, motocross and snowmobile sticker series of specialized Playbike Ltd produces degrees as cleaner sticker kits in honor of the Finnish enduro champions domestic competition.
International Six Days Enduro, domestic nicknamed Sixi, has an annual run enduro motorcycling World Championships team competition. Titled Motorcycle Olympics ISDE is now making its way to the second time in Finland, but the motocross and enduro bikes owners there will be something unprecedented: ISDE 2011 -tarrasarjat. Playbike young entrepreneur Mikko Niskanen says the idea of: – This is the first time the world’s largest motorcycle event organizer to produce official ISDE sticker kits . Cooperation is historic, because … READ NEWS END HERE …

Story Playbike sticker series on 28.03.2011

Antti Pyrhönen Racing and Team Motopalvelu are the glue to their bikes motocross graphics, sticker kits specialized Playbike.
Cooperation with the casting Championship Pyrhösen Motocross gets Playbike young entrepreneur, motocross enthusiast Mikko Niskanen’s smile. An additional impetus to smile give enduro dominate the Finnish Masters Kantonen, Nikander, Pohjonen and Mellin and crossi side Riku Rouhiainen as Playbike and Team Motopalvelu have beaten a team stickers on the side racers of the wheels.
– Cooperation Pyrhösen-like world with a well-known and respected driver is a great thing. Pyrhösen bike pictures are available all over the world, so that Antti Finnish expertise in the label as shown below. As practitioners know, the market is quite small in Finland: To succeed, we need to aim for even abroad, Niskanen says.
Cooperation motocross bikes with a specialized sticker series Playbike facilitate Pyrhösen everyday life:
– Wheel appearance is important, because … READ NEWS END HERE …

Press Release on 22.10.2010

Oulu Playbike Ltd. manufactures motocross bikes sticker kits to consumers, businesses and teams. Sticker Sets renew their motocross bikes look, because their designs are individually designed for each wheel brand and model. READ DATA END HERE …
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