Who makes Playbike® graphics kits?

We produce self-adhesive graphics kits from the raw material itself with our own production equipment one at a time, the order for the order.

What do the sticker kits contain?

The contents of each graphics kit are identified in the additional information tab, at the bottom of the product page. Motocross graphics kits do not contain frame and tank stickers.  Number plates graphics are optional and highly customisable at the product page. In addition, you can add that numerokilpien labels.

Snowmobile graphics kits contain all the necessary graphics for the front cover.

Can you make a series of labels according to my instructions?

Yes. Please contact us for ore information.
Notice that our range of graphics series is highly customisable. At the product page you can select the number plates background color, rider number name and font style, and more…

Do you make personalized designs motocross teams, kelkkatiimeille and traders?

Yes. We can design completely unique graphics kits for your team, taking into account the stage planning, colors and graphics used in the requirements. Contact us and ask for the price of a unique team graphics.

Can I apply the graphics without prior experience and special equipment?

Yes. Stickers are made of thick (0.25mm) and very flexible material, which are easy to handle. The installation does not require special tools or special skills. Thick and elastic media does not crush easy, so the label set to Installation is really not a bogeyman.

Do you Rockstar- or Monster-sticker series?

Due to copyright reasons we are unable to press the sticker series Rockstar-, Monster-, KTM or any other energy drink companies or manufacturers of motorcycle logos. The use of logos is possible only in the event that you have written permission to use the company’s brand / logo printed products.
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